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Episode 26 – The Case for Marriage

Is marriage still worth it? That’s the question that’s on the minds of The Goldwaters this episode. Anne-France and Daniel Goldwater are both family lawyers, and Samantha Goldwater-Adler is a family therapist, so their experience extends beyond just the personal. One of the things Anne-France has seen through her practice isn’t just the worst part, when people’s marriage are falling apart, but she’s also seen the best of these relationships. When explaining why their marriages need to end, they tell the whole tale of their lives together, starting with the good times. It’s given her a broad perspective on the arc of many relationships. Read More

Épisode 25 – Valérie Plante, Mairesse de Montréal (FR/EN)

Cette semaine, The Goldwaters sera à l'Hôtel de ville de Montréal pour une séance bilingue avec la mairesse de Montréal, Valérie Plante, la première femme à occuper ce poste depuis les 375 ans d'histoire de la ville. This week brings The Goldwaters to Montréal City Hall for a special bilingual sit-down with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, the first woman to occupy the office in the city’s 375-year history. Scroll down for the English text. À l’occasion de cet entretien avec la mairesse Plante, Anne-France et Daniel Goldwater, Marie-Hélène Dubé, associée fondatrice de Goldwater, Dubé, se jsont joints à nous. Tous les quatre ont abordé toutes sortes de sujetsdes règlements sur les animaux à la vision de Plante pour l'avenir de Montréal. Read More
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Episode 24 – How to learn good

March is here, and in many places that means kids have just finished their break and are heading back to the classroom. Now that the last stretch of the school year is upon us, The Goldwaters thought they would take this opportunity to explore the world of education. Why do we send our kids to school, and what to we hope they achieve while they’re there? Anne-France, Samantha, and Daniel try and work through some of the philosophy of education. In this episode, they also dig into things like technology and some alternative learning methods. Read More
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Episode 23 – How to not hate your siblings

Ah, siblings. There’s no relationship that is likely to last as long, or be as strongly rooted as the one between a brother and a sister. Of course, there’s no relationship more associated with bickering and rivalry as that between siblings. So on this episode, The Goldwaters decided to sit down and hash out what it means to be siblings. How does having one another make a brother and sister who they are today? Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler and her brother Daniel Goldwater talk about how their relationship has grown and shifted over the years. Anne-France brings her insight as their mom, and explains how she tried to bring them up to respect and cherish each other. There might even be a tear or two. Read More
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Episode 22 – SEX PANIC

It wasn’t long after the #MeToo moment began that people started to wonder if North American society was in the midst of a sex panic. Values are shifting rapidly as we all deal with the reckoning that men can sometimes be horrible, even violent, toward women. But it’s hard to say what exactly this moment means. “It’s hard to determine the historical impact of a sea change in societal attitudes, when you’re standing in the middle of that sea change of societal attitudes,” Anne-France said. Read More
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Episode 21 – Comedy on Trial with David Heti

Is comedy funny anymore? This might seem like a silly question. But, at the moment, everything seems political. And as politics has seeped into every part of culture, so has political correctness. So, Samantha Goldwater-Adler and Daniel Goldwater wonder, can comedy still be funny in today’s climate? To help them figure that out, Daniel and Samantha are joined by their longtime friend, standup comic David Heti. Not just a comic, Heti is a law school graduate and former lawyer with the Canadian Department of Justice (he describes his former employer’s concerns about his edgy comedy on the episode). He also teaches a course on comedy writing at McGill University. Read More
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Episode 20 – Dr. Samantha breaks down Daniel’s neoconservative past

In the early 2000s, neoconservatism was the dominant strain of political thought on the right. Bush the younger was president in the U.S. and The West was under attack by Osama Bin Laden. And it was in this time that a young Daniel Goldwater found himself identifying as a neoconservative. Over time, Daniel has drifted away from his neocon past—or has he? In a special episode of The Goldwaters, Samantha Goldwater-Adler interviews her younger brother to see where his political views lie now, and how much that’s changed in the last 15 or so years.What Samantha wants to find out is, now that we live in the age of Trump, what insight Daniel has into how the mind of a young conservative can be changed. Read More
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Episode 19 – Male aggression and the #MeToo movement

Across the US and Canada, women are coming forward and speaking out about the sexual violence they have faced over the years from men in positions of authority. In this episode, the family talks through #MeToo and tries to find out where the line between exposing bad, sometimes monstrous, behaviour and protecting due process lies. It’s a tough subject, especially for Anne-France Goldwater, who had to explain to Daniel and Samantha how different things were when she came of age. Read More
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Épisode 18 – (FR) Bravo Valérie & mise à jour pitbulls

Dans cet épisode spécial — en Français — de la ballado les Goldwaters, Daniel demande à Anne-France pourquoi elle a renoué avec la politique municipale. Elle discute des rumeurs de course à la mairie à son sujet, et explique pourquoi elle s'est rangée derrière Valérie Plante. Anne-France fait également le point sur le règlement anti-pitbull et mets en lumière les avancées réalisées par Goldwater, Dubé. Une réunion entre Anne-France et Mdm Plante est prévue pour le 21 décembre pour discuter de ces enjeux. Elle est confiante que le règlement sera amendé, mais d'ici là, la bataille judiciaire se poursuit. Suivez Goldwater Dubé sur Facebook et Twitter pour en savoir plus sur le règlement sur le contrôle des animaux de la Ville de Montréal. Photo: Projet Montréal
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